Business Contacts

An Online Android Based ERP System that allows you to manage every aspect of your business effectively. It gives you 360 degree view of all four pillars of your business, namely:-

  • Clients
    Capture every detail of your clients, manage the complete order processing cycle - from order booking to delivery, track status, and monitor accounts of each and every client with precision and speed.
  • Suppliers
    Keep every detail of your suppliers, capture orders sent to them and goods received from them, track status & payments made to them, and conduct analysis of supplier performance.
  • Contractors
    Keep every detail of your contractors, capture details of goods sent ot them and received from them, and conduct analysis of their performance.
  • Work-Unit Staff
    Manage your internal work units (warehouses, plants, sales team, etc.) and processes. Keep track of all goods-in & goods-out, sales orders and delivery status. Monitor all action taken by the staff with date & time logs.

Business Benefits

Save Time, Effort & Money

Usually in business, a lot of time goes into paper-work. Recording of details in files and registers takes almost half the time of people working in various units. This wastage of time can be completely avoided using automatic transaction data capturing & reporting features of Business Contacts.

Efficient Client Order Processing

The system follows a standard procedure to capture details of client order processing at every stage. Right from order submission, approval / rejection, loading & dispatch to delivery confirmation by client, every step is executed seamlessly along with automatic recording of details. You can track status of any order within few seconds.

Efficient Inventory Management

When using Business Contacts, all your transactions (goods-in, goods-out, sales, etc.) are linked to the stock report which is updated in real-time with every transaction that you perform. Besides this, you can create multiple warehouses and production plants and track every transaction at each warehouse / plant within few clicks.

Work Anytime, Anywhere

With the system being available on Internet and accessible over desktop/laptop/smart phone, you and your team members can work at any time and from any location in the world.

Make Everyone Accountable

With actions log, you can find out exactly what was done by whom and when. So, nobody can deny an action that was done by him / her and that saves a lot of energy that would be otherwise wasted in simply finding the person responsible for an act.

Paperless Office, Go Green!

This is the biggest benefit you have and the biggest contribution you can make to the entire world, for a better tomorrow. While you save time, money and efforts by getting rid of paper-based registers and files and their manual entry, you are able to make critical decisions quickly with support of data that can be analyzed much faster.

Take Backup: Keep Critical Data Safe, Always

Using one-click backup tool, you can take backup of entire data within few seconds and keep it safely. In case of any emergency, your business will not suffer as you can quickly fall back to a recent data backup that was taken by you.

Software Features

SMART Search

Allows you to find specific contacts / transactions from millions of records within few milliseconds.

Single-User as well as Multi-User

If your business is small and you want to use Business Contacts alone then you can buy a single-user version. Else, if your business activities are spread over multiple units and staff, then you should opt for multi-user version.

Fully Flexible Access Permissions

Admin can create user profiles and specify different levels of access permissions for different modules. These profiles can then be applied to desired users.

Email & SMS Based Alerts

For every important entry made in the system, email and SMS based messages are sent to relevant users to ensure quick review and data integrity.

Action Logs

Every action that any user takes is recorded in action logs. These action logs come handy in fixing accountability for transactions and errors thereof.

Flexible Goods-in /out Entries

Allows you to make different kinds of complex goods-in/out entries in easy manner.

One Click Stock Report

Allows you to access current stock reports of any warehouse at a click. Also, allows you to drill down into particular stock items and all transactions done for that item with date, time and user details.

Packages & Pricing

Feature Single-User Multi-User
Admin Control Panel No Yes

Purchase & Implementation


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