An Online Android Based ERP System that allows you to manage every aspect of your business effectively. It gives you 360 degree view of all four pillars of your business, namely:-

  • Clients
    Capture every detail of your clients, manage the complete order processing cycle - from order booking to delivery, track status, and monitor accounts of each and every client with precision and speed.
  • Suppliers
    Keep every detail of your suppliers, capture orders sent to them and goods received from them, track status & payments made to them, and conduct analysis of supplier performance.
  • Contractors
    Keep every detail of your contractors, capture details of goods sent ot them and received from them, and conduct analysis of their performance.
  • Work-Unit Staff
    Manage your internal work units (warehouses, plants, sales team, etc.) and processes. Keep track of all goods-in & goods-out, sales orders and delivery status. Monitor all action taken by the staff with date & time logs.


Standard Tally ERP software provides you great tools for accounting but does not come with many process-driven features that you need to run your day-to-day transactions just in-time. We have developed a standard set of (RITC) Ready-to-Install Tally Customizations that are useful and beneficial to almost every Tally using organization.

Highlights of our customized modules are:-

  • It allows you to protect your financial data and keep it safe from all kinds of threats in single/multi user-environment such as deletion / copy / export / tampering by users.
  • You can apply administrative controls on all entries that are being made, enforce authorization, and lock entries that have been audited.
  • Features such as online approval / rejection of voucher entries, customized lists of inventory items for ledgers, user-wise day-books, etc. make the whole Tally much more user friendly and easy to use in single / multi user environment.
  • Features such as Customized MIS Reports and Cash / Funds Planner make Tally a much more useful software at your office and obviates the need to have multiple software for different needs.



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