Tally ERP Customization

Accountability at its Best

Change you business style with the power in the hand of CFO/Auditor/Owner

Standard Tally ERP software provides you great tools for accounting but does not come with many process-driven features that you need to run your day-to-day transactions just in-time. We have developed a standard set of (RITC) Ready-to-Install Tally Customizations that are useful and beneficial to almost every Tally using organization.

Highlights of our Customized Modules

You cannot steal my data

Your data will not open in any other computer than the one in your office & the same is so important to protect your data from competitors.

I will review / audit it, while you may work

CFO / Auditor / Owner can lock period (i.e., 01-Apr to 30-Aug) & no data tampering within the said period
Use this feature for auditing / detailed review and many more while your numerous people can keep updating important transactions.

I can Believe my Business figures & I'm able to take right decisions

Every transaction has to be authorized by competent people at your organization thereby ensuring perfect financial records while ensuring responsibility among your people with respect to important transactions such as expenses, income, sales, purchases, payments, receipts, etc.

We donot miss payment commitments as also recalling our debtors

Make numerous people responsible for collection of money and planning of cash - every day. Multiple receipt confirmation can be entered by multiple people on various dates. Likewise, multiple payment projections can be entered by multiple people on various dates.

You are aware of exact status of availability of funds, arrangements to me made and likewise many more important aspects.

We easily figure out our customers who perform & suppliers who benefit us & enjoy best Reputation

The state-of-the-art MIS will enable you to tract very important aspects such as payment performance, turn-over, amount due / payable (all from highest to lowest & lowest to highest) thereby enabling you and your team to decide which customer to be reminded for payment and which supplier to be given priority in payment.

This can be a significant factor helping grow your business reputatin & increase your customers while enjoying high credibility among your suppliers.


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