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Our Core Objectives, Clause 1 suggests us to enter into any business and try to operate it better than others by improving our way of doing business everyday and emerge as a Champion in any economic sector we enter and make efforts to retain our championship.

Hence, in view of the above core objective, we are today in the year of 2018 into various segments of businesses such as Fertilizers, Food - products, IT & Communications, Software etc.

While we have also published other of our interests exclusively for the purpose that our investors, employees etc. know what we are planning and how we're thinking.

We strongly believe "Big is nothing but systematic & consistent focus on accomplishment of Small things" and the same is one of our notified Ideology. With this ideology and with the discipline of our Values to achieve our Objectives we try to master businesses and not a particular business.

Noteworthy for investors: Our quest to get into several businesses are assisted with our notified policies for industries. We strongly believe to arrive conclusions and reduce such conclusions to policies than having no conclusion and thereby having no policies.

Our Core Objectives, Clause 3 speaks also about size and we're looking ahead for a day that a CONSAM share is the most valuable instrument for an Investor throughout the world.