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Himalaya Agro Chemicals (P) Ltd.

About us

Founded by Shri Shambhu Goel in 1981, the company was established with the primary objective of giving tough fight to pan – Indian fertiliser manufacturers and prove its championship in terms of being the highest acceptable chemical fertiliser brand manufacturer in whichever areas it operates and after more than 25 years now, it’s brand HARA SONA (changed to HARA SONA DHANVARSHA in 2004) is the highest selling phosphatic fertiliser brand throughout the districts of ARARIA, KISHANGANJ, SUPPAUL and PURNEA in BIHAR, India and this could be made possible by strict adherence to the quality of it’s manufactured goods.

Back in the year 1996, due to family differences, the company was split as a result of which, Forbesganj based manufacturing facility couldn’t take sustainable margin on sale of products under HARA SONA Brand as it was also being manufactured at PURNEA based manufacturing facility with different standard and sold under such rates that couldn’t be controlled by the Company due to family reasons. Then in 2004; at the Company was on the verge of sickness due to consequent losses; HARA SONA was renamed – HARA SONA Dhanvarsha in order to ensure that the consumers (farmers) could differentiate between HARA SONA Brand manufactured at both the units. This was a big risk and not very brilliant seeming strategy but as our value says about practice, co – ordination etc., and today, HARA SONA Dhanvarsha sells at prices 20% and above than its own Brand “HARA SONA thereby making sustainable margin and also improving it’s quality for ensuring long term sustainability. And all this owes to the dynamic capabilities of our founder Mr. Shambhu Goel and Mr. Samar Goel, responsible for development of such a management that is based on the following objectives and values: -


At the CONSAM Group our objectives are: -

  • To enter into any business and operate it better than others by improving our way of doing business each – day and be the champion in any economic sectors we operate and retain our championship.
  • To do our business in a manner that benefits and protects all, the environment, the country – its community, our – employees, customers, shareholders and ourselves in all possible long – term way so that we operate for countless days.
  • The name CONSAM is a significant asset representing trust, business excellence & size. The Company will move ahead with it and provide best quality service and product

Core values

The CONSAM Group is a values-driven organization. These values continue to direct the Group's attain its objectives. The core CONSAM values underpinning the way we do business are:

  • Discipline: Life grows great only with discipline, so it implies with any organization. We will execute everything in disciplined way, be it the work’s execution or personal execution.
  • Co - ordination & Understanding: A set of 11 best players having little understanding and co – ordination cannot win a cricket match over a set of 11 mediocre players having good understanding and co – ordination. We will have best co – ordination and understanding in order to attain to our objective of being the champion.
  • Respect, Love and Humanity: Before starting our business, we have to be absolutely good humans. Humans, they make mistakes, they have better intellect than any one, they forgive, they care, they help, and they do miracles. We will be highly caring, show respect and humanity for all, colleagues, customers everywhere and achieve our objectives. We have to groom ourselves to be a champion human, we will respect & love everyone so that our companies are respected and loved.
  • Practice Excellence & perfection: No one is perfect in this world, but when we keep chasing perfection, we settle with excellence. Practice makes anything possible. We will execute with best possible perfection and keep executing till we attain our objective with best positive ness and sense of intellect
  • Integrity: We must conduct our business fairly, with honesty and transparency. Everything we do must stand the test of public scrutiny.
  • Responsibility: We must continue to be responsible, sensitive to the countries, communities and environments in which we work, always ensuring that what comes from the people goes back to the people many times over.

Quest for converting into a professional yet very flexible management from a traditional type, focusing on achieving targets within the budget under the disciplines being governed by the CONSAM Core OBJECTIVES and VALUES, the company is professionally-matured. It’s maturity reflects by good profit – making capabilities irrespective of being the ignored SSIs and lack of good finance till date.

The Company’s current focuses are to conduct its operations as per the CONSAM Core Values & Objectives and also its own comprehensive OBJECTIVES mentioned as below: -

  • To have multiple units across Indian Districts and attain better sales among other phosphatic-fertilisers.
  • To manufacture world’s best NPK fertilizers according to the requirement of soil and crop of the area of operation of it’s units.
  • To focus on innovation and other allied things and retain its championship in terms of being the manufacturer of highest accepted chemical fertiliser.
  • To earn optimum profits for fast growth of the said Industry.

Updated as at: 18/09/2011

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